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Basher Group of Industries

BASHER GROUP OF INDSUTRIES’ foremost aim is to sustainably improve the quality of people’s living standard it serves. The group is doing this through building aggressive leadership capabilities for sector and focusing business areas which have national socio-economic significance.

Group’s ultimate heritage is returning to the society what it earns spreading trust among consumers, employees, stakeholders and communities. That heritage is enriched continuously by formalizing high standard of behaviors, customer care and corporate cultures which are highly anticipated from employees and stakeholders.

The Basher Group of Industries has unique asset of Leadership with Trust including value-driven organization. Always leveraging and upholding that asset to enhance group’s synergy and become competitive globally for sustainable growth and long-term success.


Basher Group of Industries started its journey in spinning under the name and style of Basher Spinning Mills Ltd. in 2004. The project is set up with 36,636 spindles to produce 7.80 million Kgs yarn annually to meet the requirements of raw material of 100% export oriented garments industry. Successful commercial operation of Basher Spinning Mills Ltd. through customer’s satisfaction with quality products and services has been the prime source of entrepreneur’s confidence in stable expansion of business.

Continuous customer’s satisfaction and company’s growth have been encouraged the group to further expand business in spinning under the and style of Nortex Textile Mills Ltd. which has 49,152 Spindles with cutting edge technologies and production capacity of 11.07 million Kgs. Carded, combed, slab and compact yarn annually ranging from Ne 20/1 to Ne 40/1. Adaption, openness and generosity in accepting twenty first century’s technological achievements and top class raw material for customer’s satisfaction and answer to challenges are the uncompromising priority of new journey.